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How to add a pop-up shopping cart to WordPress

There are multiple ways, depending on how many pages you want to show the pop-up shopping cart on and how much access you have to your Wordpress Blog.

To make it work, you have to simply copy one line of HTML code to your Wordpress Blog.

You can find this line of code in your Santu account on the Integrate page:

Click on the code with your mouse and then hit the CTRL and C buttons on your keyboard at the same time to copy it.

If you have access to your templates, then the easiest way is to add the code to your header file in Wordpress. This means that you can add Santu links anywhere you want, and they will always bring up your pop-up shopping cart.

On the left side Go to Appearance / Theme / Editor and look for the header.html file in the column on the far right.

Paste the line of code directly before the </head> tag - you'll find a video how to do this here:

Save the file, and wherever you use a Santu product link, the shopping cart will pop up now.

If you only need the pop up cart on a small number of pages, you can also simply switch to HTML code of the page and past the line at the very top of the HTML code you find there, in the first row.

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