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 Can products have attributes or variations such as colors and sizes? | 015

Yes, Santu has an extremely powerful function to support attributes and variations (variances).

You can combine multiple attributes, such as size, color and width to generate different variations of a product.

Each variation is an actual product, such as a red T-shirt Size L.

You can also add different images to the variations, and to the selectors, as well as short descriptions.

So if you have products with multiple variations, you can add images to each of those variations and you can even allow those variations to be picked my images on your product page.

This means you can display multiple thumbnails of the variations of the product, such as a piece of clothing in multiple colors  and your customers can pick the appropriate color by clicking on the thumbnail.

You can then immediately show a larger version of that image. 

Santu supports stock control for the variations, and ensures that customers can not create attribute combinations, which do not represent an actually available product variation.

Check out an example of a product with variations here.

Of course each variation is a real product, and therefore also has it's own buy now button and can also have it's own price. So if you have too many left over red T-shirts size XXL, you can send out a marketing email to all your customers, offering them this variation at a discount.

They can then add it from within theemail directly into the shopping cart - just like any othe rproduct.

If you link to the parent product from within your email (or from anywhere else) customers will have to select the attributes they want, before the product is added to the cart.


It's great if you sell clothing or many other products, which have multiple attributes.

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