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Santu works with many real-time payment services to allow you to accept payments and also allows you to approve payments manually yourself.

Santu itself does not approve payments - it only facilitates the payment transactions either by yourself or by a third party real-time payment service such as PayPal.

To have payments automatically approved, you must have an account with one of the compatible real-time payment service providers. 

Setting up payment methods and 3rd party providers

Go to the Santu dashboard and click on "My Store". 

Next select the option "Payment methods you accept" on the left side. 

Click on the Edit methods, and you will be able to set up your payment methods and your payment service provider. 

If you use a real-time payment service provider, you must already have an account with them, so you can enter your username during this setup phase.

Santu is compatible with a large number of payment service providers. Once you have added your details, Santu will talk in the background to the payment service provider.

When a customer makes a payment, this background communication allows Santu to display the payment status to you. 

The third party will automatically verify the customers’ payment details and connect to their bank to approve or deny the payment.  This status is then passed on to Santu, and will be displayed in Santu in the Payment Status column of the order listing.

If you manually approve orders, you must manually change the payment status of an order by clicking on payment status icon.

Digital products and event tickets will be sent out by Santu only after the payment has been approved.

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